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Whole Food Omega-3 Source for Horses

Delivering twice the content of omega-3 for horses as flax seeds, chia seeds provide a complete amino acid profile including Lysine and Proline. 

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Equine Allergy Support

A unique formula for horses that helps maintain healthy histamine levels and a balanced immune response.

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Zarasyl Equine Cream

  • Creates a superior protective layer to aid in wound healing and provide bacterial and fungal infection relief.
  • Antibiotic and steroid free.
  • Convenient once to twice daily application.

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The Platinum Performance Foundation Formulas:

Platinum Performance Equine - provides important nutrients like omega-3s, vitamins, trace minerals, antioxidants and amino acids and more to support every aspect of horse health from head to hoof.

Platinum Performance GI - includes the wellness benefits found in Platinum Performance Equine with added probiotics, prebiotics and glutamine to support healthy digestion, and immunity.

Platinum Performance CJ - provides all the wellness support in Platinum Performance Equine, along with 2 additional formulas for higher levels of support for joints and cartilage including ASU.

Support healthy gut function with Gastrix

Nutritional supplement for horses that contains vitamins, minerals and herbal ingredients. Helps to establish a healthy digestive system and ease symptoms of ulcers and colic.

Does NOT block acid production.

Promotes healthy digestion.


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Top Sellers for Metabolic Support


Maintains normal metabolic function and healthy insulin levels.

Supports a healthy body weight and normal fat distribution.

Sustains healthy laminae within the hoof.

Synergistic blend of polyphenols and amino acids, including leucine.

Once daily dosing.



Controls inflammation at the gene expression level, more upstream in the inflammatory process.

Supports healthy metabolic function.

Active ingredient includes: Resverasyn® (Micro-Encapsulated Resveratrol) 4,000 mg.

Divided daily dosing.




Works Fantastic

Been using this product for 18 years. Only product that works consistently for my stallion with his ulcers. Have tried many other products with little results. Even my vets agree that this product works best for him.

Renee D. - Verified Buyer


We see positive results in Scout's breathing.
It took a few days to get him over the odor but is eating it with no complaints now.
He is breathing closer to normal than he has for many months.

Peter R. - Verified Buyer


Horse is 21 years old. Gobbles this stuff up. Very easy to feed.

He is very much brighter in attitude.

Coat is shedding like mad and new coat is very slick and glows.

Horse only eats hay and a tiny tiny bit of hay stretcher.

Ingrid K. - Verified Buyer

Received my order in 2 days and was exactly as ordered. Always pleased with the promptness and correctness when ordering.

Lyn Y. - Verified Buyer

Another quick shipment of Krillex from my favorite supplier!

Stanley B. - Verified Buyer

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