Livatrope Powder for Horses

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From the makers of Gastrix...


Promote Liver Health in Horses

with Livatrope Powder 2lb and 4lb

  • Made in the USA

  • Indicated for horses with elevated GGT and/or Bilirubin levels

  • Palatable, safe, effective and economical

  • Veterinarian tested since 2007

  • Monitor liver enzymes during product use and reassess usage when enzymes reach normal levels

“I have used Livatrope® for many different types of horses with liver issues. In thoroughbred racehorses, sport horses, and especially in geriatric cases, we see a demonstrable reduction in ast/ggt in horses within 30 days. It is easy for our clients to administer, palatable for the horse and affordable.”- Dr. Carl E. Juul Nielson, DVM