Aleira - Respiratory & Immune Support - 2.8 lb - 45 servings

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Aleira - Respiratory & Immune Support - 2.8 lb - 45 servings

As a consumer, you can take simple steps to become more eco-conscious by purchasing products that offer a Ride For a Green World packaging option.  

These products are packaged only in a recyclable plastic bag and cardboard box, thereby eliminating the traditional plastic bucket and reducing waste. 

Essential respiratory support, Aleira helps maintain optimal respiratory function in a daily, non-medicated supplement.

Does your horse suffer from chronic respiratory conditions? Difficulty breathing? Allergies, hives or dermatitis? Aleira’s exclusive, research-backed formula is the solution for bleeders and horses with common respiratory issues. 

Omega-3 fatty acids effectively address immune and respiratory problems for your beloved horse. However, it takes the right, vegetarian source of Omega-3 fatty acids for your horse to see the full benefits.

Not all Omega-3s are created equal and not all contain DHA. Other Omega-3 supplements rely on fish oil or flaxseed as the Omega-3 fatty acid source. These supplements aren’t easily absorbed or as beneficial as algae-based DHA. Aleira uses the same, safe algae-derived DHA used in infant formula for people.

Aleira is a unique blend of algal-DHA, antioxidant-rich mushrooms, vitamin C and MSM. This effective combo addresses inflammation and immune responses for horses with a range of respiratory issues.

Arenus is proud to offer Aleira as a true respiratory aid for horses with breathing problems.


Aleira can be added directly to your horse's daily grain ration or concentrate. One level scoop is equal to 30 grams; 60 cc scoop enclosed.

Aleira is an aromatic supplement. Open new container and allow to air for a couple of hours before use. To acclimate, start feeding small amounts of Aleira for the first few days gradually working up to a full dose. Adding a few ounces of water, vegetable oil or mint extract may enhance palatability.

Loading Dose: Feed the Recommended Daily Feeding for the first 90 days of use for optimal results.

Maintenance Dose: Reduce the Recommended Daily Feeding by 25% to 50%. If horse's condition worsens or does not maintain, return to loading dose and keep horse on loading dose.



Active Ingredients per 30g Scoop:
1,500 mg
5,000 mg
2,000 mg
1,000 mg
Inactive Ingredients per 30g Scoop:
Alfalfa meal, artificial flavors and sweeteners (ground peppermint and peppermint extract), mixed tocopherols and proprionic acid.
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