Animalintex Hoof Poultice 5.5"x5.5" (Pack of 3)

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*Pre-cut hoof shape* (5.5"x5.5" ea.)

This hoof poultice is made of 100% cotton wool with a non-woven cover on one side and plastic backing on the other. Contains mild antiseptic (boric acid) plus natural poultice agent (tragacanth). Use as a poultice or wound dressing.

• Ideal for cuts, wounds, abscesses, inflammation, skin disorders and hoof conditions
• Use as a hot poultice for abscess, boils, infected and dirty wounds, cracked heels, thorns, laminitis, seedy toe, corns
• Use as a cold poultice for strains, sprains, sore shins, splints, bruises, capped hocks/elbows
• Use as a dry dressing over open wounds or for pressure padding

Pack of 3 pads