Aservo EquiHaler Inhalation Spray - Rx Item for clients only

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Prescription Required 

You must be a verified client of Axel F. Sondhof, DVM,  or his associates to purchase prescription items from this site. At this time we do not accept prescriptions from other veterinarians.

Please see our policy on Prescription Items

The Aservo EquiHaler is designed specifically for use in horses with severe equine asthma. An ergonomic handle and dosing lever make it simple to administer.

The anatomically designed nostril adaptor fits inside the nostril of the horse, making it easier for them to inhale the medicated mist.

After veterinary consultation, please read and understand the entire contents of the user manual for instructions regarding proper handling and use of ASERVO EQUIHALER.

Contains sufficient inhalation solution for the complete course of the 10-day treatment.

Do not use in horses with known hypersensitivity to ciclesonide or glucocorticoids.