Chia Seeds 5 lb - Whole Food Omega-3 Source for Horses

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No preservatives * no fillers or binders * no added flavorings * wheat free soy free * raw

Delivering twice the content of omega-3 for horses as flax seeds, chia seeds provide a complete amino acid profile including Lysine and Proline. Proline is a key constituent of collagen. Equine chia also contains an antioxidant content that is higher than blueberries.

The mucilage the seeds produce (chia gel) supports digestion for metabolic horses and also supports the removal of small particle debris like sand from the gut, making chia an excellent alternative to psyllium.


Recommended monthly supply: One 5-lb. bag serves one horse for 30 days.

Directions for Use: 

Scoop Included = 1/4 cup (60 cc's)
• Regular feeding: 2-4 Tbsps (or 1/4 cup (40.69g)) per feeding
• For metabolic horses: 1/3 cup per feeding
• Can be fed dry or added to wet feed to soak.


Chia Seeds: Sourced from South America. Actual country varies based on the most sustainable chia available.

Chia seeds can vary in size and color due to plant variation, location, and growing conditions. BioStar carefully selects the highest quality chia that is grown organically and sustainably for the health of our horses, humans and environment.