EquiShield IBH Salve - Anti-Inflammatory for Insect Bites, 4 oz

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A little goes a long way!


Salve for spot treatment of allergic reactions and irritations from insect bites.


Also available in a Spray (16 oz.) for more generalized treatment.


Equishield IBH is a unique formula created to treat insect bite hypersensitivity (IBH) in horses. Allergic reactions to insect bites is a common and aggravating condition.  Equishield IBH addresses the multiple issues associated with the allergic reaction affecting the skin. 

Chlorhexadine is used for it’s antimicrobial activity while pramoxine serves as a topical anesthetic for irritated skin. Hydrocortisone is used as a topical anti-inflammatory and citronella as an insect repellent to help decrease the causative insect bites.

Pleasant light citronella scent.