Equithrive Joint Equine (Powder)

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Equithrive Original Joint powder is a unique Resveratrol-based formula that supports healthy equine joint function during aging, training, and competition. This product was released in 2009 when researchers at the Gluck Equine Research Center verified that daily Equithrive Joint administration causes a significant reduction in circulating levels of inflammatory mediators.

Equithrive is the first equine product line to contain a purified form of Resveratrol, a natural compound that reduces gene expression of inflammatory enzymes. Resveratrol is all-natural and safe for long term, daily use. Equithrive also contains a bioavailable form of hyaluronic acid (100 mg per day), a primary component of cartilage and joint- lubricating synovial fluid.

Can be administered with the horse's daily feed ration.

2.2 lb = 60 day supply (at maintenance dose)

8 lb = 240 day supply (at maintenance dose)