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Platinum Steady - Support for Headshaking Horses

Horses with trigeminal-mediated headshaking experience occasional discomfort, leading to poor quality of life. Platinum Steady has been shown to support horses that display headshaking behavior, when compared with a diet consisting of hay only.

Active Ingredients Per (33,730mg) Serving

  • Boron as (Boron Citrate) 1,000mg

  • Magnesium (as Magnesium Citrate) 1,920mg

Recommended by the Platinum Performance team: Create a paste from powder to help improve palatability of the formula. See label recommendations.

Prepare 2 level scoops (33,730mg) once daily mixed with warm water and administer it immediately (administer with an oral syringe if it is more convenient).

Platinum Steady™ is best fed with one of these three formulas for best results: Platinum Performance® Equine, Platinum Performance CJ, or Platinum Performance GI.