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SUCCEED DCP Oral Paste is easy-to-use and great for a variety of applications -- starting a horse on the program, for use on the track or at events, or when you need to be sure the horse receives a full serving.


SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program (DCP) has been developed on a strong foundation of science and research and supported with extensive trials to test performance and clinical value.

Feeding SUCCEED once a day, every day, gives the horse nutrients that specifically support a sound gut, optimal nutrient absorption, and effective energy conversion.


  • Use daily for ongoing nutritional support of a healthy and effective equine digestive tract

  • Scientifically formulated to support complete digestive health

  • Ideal for performance horses in active training and competition

  • Use once a day, every day

  • Natural oat flavor


30 oral syringes per box = 30 day supply